cold! Today, Beijing’s 上海足浴kb论坛 highest temperature 上海龙凤网工作室 is less than 10 ° C on weekend cold air "report"

Two days today (November 19th to 20th), Beijing will be the mainstay of cloudy weather, the temperature is low.

Among them, the highest temperature today will fall to less than 10 ° C, and the public should pay attention to the warm clothes. From 21 to 22, Beijing will also usher in a cold air process and cool down.

Yesterday morning, Beijing was once again blusted, Tongzhou, Daxing and other places were less than 100 meters, and the Beijing multi-district released a large fog yellow or orange warning signal.

After entering the night, the cold air affects the northern wind, Beijing visibility and diffusion conditions turn better. Today, Beijing will usher in cooling, the maximum temperature will be less than 10 ° C.

According to 上海哪里有服务 the latest forecast released early in this morning, today, Beijing is sunny to cloudy, north to Dongfeng 2-3, the highest temperature is 9 ° C; the night is cloudy, the east is 2nd, the lowest temperature is 3 ° C.

In addition, it is expected that from 21st to 22nd, Beijing will also usher in a cold air process. At that time, the weather will cool down the weather will be "online", and the temperature will fall to the low point on the 22nd.

The meteorological department reminded that today, two days, Beijing is based on cloudy weather, the temperature is low, the public should pay attention to the warmth, beware of colds; from the 21st to 22nd, the cold air is affected, Beijing has 4-5 north wind The temperature is obviously declining, and the wind is necessary to do wind and cold work.