Guangdong: Nanxiong City Campaign display new debut officially opened (Photos) – Zhonghong Net

Zhonghong Net Guangdong Nanxiong on October 19, 2020 (Xiao Feng) On October 16th, it is located in the original "Water Dou Campaign Exhibition" in the Yangtze Card Battle Theme Park in Nanxiong City, Guangdong Province. Come to people from all walks of life to revolutionize the revolutionary story and inherit the red gene. In 1932, the campaign of the water in Nanxiong was in Nanxiong. This battle is the longest battle for the central Red Army into Guangdong.

Waterkou Battle Theme Park, the 88-year revolutionary war vividly reproduce, so that everyone is immersive, remembering the revolutionary martyrs, inheriting the red 上海嘉定区新茶嫩茶 gene.

The waterport campaign exhibition construction area is more than 1,500 m2, divided into decision, fight, support, inheriting four units, through relief, micro-shrinkage, oil painting, simulating real-scene battlefield, etc., vividly showing strategic decisions of the waterport battle Bath blood kill the enemy, the masses actively support the battle, rescue the Red Army, cut the touching story such as rice valley, a silver dollar.

Next, the Shuokou Town Party Committee, the government will continue to mobilize the masses to donate valuable, meaningful revolutionary historical cultural relics, improve the level of collection of water campaign display; and build under the construction of red tourism planning in the theme park in the waterports The red ecological tourism route of the main line is the main line of the old site, the large bridge site, etc., attracts more 上海干磨水磨店 people to remember the revolutionary martyrs and inherit the red revolutionary gene.