Fengjie: Experts send "honey" mass "honey" surgery

Hualong Network – New Chongqing Client December 14th (Correspondent Panden Lin Morning) Recently, Fengjie County 2021 bee breeding technology training started, training and training in two ways of communication and on-site training, focusing on training and promoting raising The health of the bee industry has continued to develop, 上海水磨和干磨服务 improve the level of rural masses, driving farmers’ income, helps rural residence, more than 100 bee farmers to participate in training.

In the training, experts carefully explained the basic management of bee breeding, common pests and disease prevention, quality bee product production technology, etc., beekeeper also seized this rare learning opportunity, and strive to grab questions.

In the octal village bee breeding base in Baidi Town, the farmers gathered together, listening carefully to experts to explain the winter bee breeding precautions.

Experts open the bee box on the spot, feeding the bee colony, the cultivation of the winter, the hive, winter management, etc., the key technology, etc. I can understand and have a good point.

The students not only master certain theoretical 上海香草419论坛 knowledge, but also intuitively understand the whole process of honey bee-free dilosterer’s operations, quickly master this new technology through observation, communication and hands-on operation. Yongle Town Feng Yue Village Bee Nong Li Hong tells the author: "Through this training study, the knowledge is increased, clear the direction, enhance the confidence, after going back, I must learn to use, develop good bee industry." It is understood, bees Farming is a huge advantage of a potential, with green ecological environmental protection, less investment, efficiency, etc. In recent years, with the health care of bee products, people’s demand for bee products is getting bigger and bigger. The economic benefits of the bees are highlighted, and the enthusiasm of the masses is constantly high. At present, there are 上海哪里可以海选的场子 more than 2,700 bee farmers in Fengjie County, a total of more than 10,000 groups, including more than 480 households, and more than 450 tons of honey production, with an annual output value of more than 80 million yuan.

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